Story Of A Ship And Its Sailor

On that event of gloom, when darkness set in,
A vicious gang of pirates came over and conquered her ship.

She could neither fight nor defend as they snatched and looted her ship,
And tied her in the corner and scared her with a whip.

She screamed and struggled but no one came to help,
Those big and burly pirates sneered at her as she wept.

She watched with tears as they took away all that she had.
She begged and pleaded but only to be laughed at.

Finally after robbing away all that they could,
The pirates took leave, and left her there to brood.

The piteous sight of her empty ship sent shivers down her spine.
But, she promised herself, as she got to her feet, never to weep and whine.

Though she was lone and desolate now, she knew it well-
That deep within her lies a rod which she won’t, ever, let bend.

True, she did feel she’s tired of being strong,
Yet, she sailed her ship and kept moving on.


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