IMG_20180608_165241Hate- it was walking on the street where I lived,
Burning down houses, lynching the lives out of innocent beings.
Hate- I watched it from my window,
Insane, illogical, defying reason, killing hope.
I watched its mad dance from my window,
But my walls, you see, were strong so I had no fear.
We did talk about it on the dinner table,
Over exotic dishes, over imported wine,
And our doors were strong, so why fear?
Little did we care, who killed whom,
Neither cared to understand humans were dying,
Humans made of the same chemicals as us.
But little did we know,
Hate- it percolates through the sturdiest of walls,
Hate- it trembles beneath the bones of the friendliest ones,
So, before we knew, hate seeped in through our sturdy door,
For a while we thought what could it possibly do to us,
We, who only watched silently as it set things ablaze,
Who never stepped out of our houses, or asked it to stop,
Why then would it harm us, as innocent as we are?
But hate, you see, knew no reason.
Hate- it didn’t care about our past or our future,
Hate doesn’t want to know where you’re from or where you’re heading.
Hate- it’s on a killing spree, and there’s no escape.
I’m crying now, I’m begging, pleading, in the tongue of my own,
But hate- it’s deaf, I should’ve known.
I’m suffocating in its fumes now, my house is ablaze.
And very soon my ashes will merge with the others’,
The ones I never tried to save.

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