To a Child

I was baffled; disappointed with life,

Didn’t expect anywhere, solace to find;

The blows were hard on me,

The extent of pain I couldn’t deem.

Walking alone, drowning into  perplexity,

Suddenly my gaze caught yours curiously.

You were frowning, struggling to get that shoe right,

Your impatience you didn’t hide.

You saw me staring, with a subtle ridicule,

But, you saw at the same time what no one could.

Though you were desperate to get the shoe right,

You looked up and gave me a smile.

Words will fall short, and I’ll be a called a fool,

If I were to tell how much I owe you.

For you made me see, for that fleeting moment,

The child within me, calm and innocent.

Maybe life won’t get any better for you or for me,

But innocently smiling we will forever be.

If I Go Mad Someday

If nothing makes sense one morning,

And I know nothing of my being,

All of it appears like a joke,

And I walk smiling like a fool on the road,

I feel no pain, and if I know no reason,

If I live and love without any conditions,

And I befriend the most wanted murderer,

And fall in love with the stupidest stranger,

If the cruelest of words and the darkest of nights

Matter not a bit to me nor cause me fright,

If I just sit and weep silently by a river,

If I go mad someday, I’d be happier than ever.

The Lonely Bird

This world makes me insecure-

Its charm, its grace and all that lures;

Lures little birds into its Trap,

Promising to never again let their wings flap


I hear a groan from one end.

Yet, as I try a Helping Hand to lend,

There it tugs me back with all its might,

Like it tugs back all things that fight fright.


Aware of being trapped in that dreadful Trap,

I’m aware of all the Helping Hands being tugged back.

Yet, a Lonely Bird in the Lonely Sky I fly,

And there in my little Nest of Untold Love I reside.


Reflections on a Reflection

The afternoon sun burst into the room. Passing through the light pink curtains, it gave the entire room a dreamy appearance. The house was empty. The silence of the usually chirpy birds gave her a feeling of insecurity. Yet, shrugging off the dread, she removed the towel that wrapped her, and got dressed. She then applied a lotion delicately over her entire body, gliding her fingers smoothly over the moist of her skin.


She walked up to the mirror.


There she stood, angelically beautiful, devoutly pious yet, blasphemously sinful. Her graceful frame seemed to tell a thousand stories, a little at a time. The roundness of her physique, the child-like innocence radiating from her face and yet, a melancholic tinge in her eyes, made her all the more attractive.


She looked her reflection into the eye. All at once, raced a million reflections through her mind-of the past, the present and… let it be. She looked at herself, rather, watched herself. She’d watched herself since a long while, from her very childhood. She’d watched herself grow; grow from a little kid to what they call a lady, a full grown lady. She had watched her own self transcend through the many seasons-the flowers of spring, the snow of winter, the sweat of summer and the bliss of monsoon. She’d watched the many tears, the many pains she had endured. All of them were like messengers from some far away land. They had messages to convey, lessons to teach.  


She smiled. The reflection smiled back. But, would it last? The smile? Maybe yes, if she tried. And she did. She did try. Holding on to the smile, she raced her thoughts back to all the lovely presents offered to her, the presents that made her being worth it-the rainbows whose colours were difficult to distinguish but the fact that they were there, gave her solace; the tinkling of anklets as her mother rushed from one corner of the house to another; the sound of her father turning the pages of the newspaper and finally the contented feeling when he’d place it on the table, for now he’d come to her; her younger brother’s monotonous tantrums over the same little things. And just how there’s no end to counting the stars, there seemed no end to counting her blessings. The reflection seemed to be able to fathom that, and naturally, the smile broadened.


She looked at her lips and remembered him, the dreams she dreamt about him. She remembered her heart racing every time he would come closer. How desperately she hoped he would be hers, but alas! Yet, she had never let her dreams be shattered. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming, is there? Her reflection grinned, like a child, at being offered her favourite chocolate.


How blissful it all is! How marvelous! She carried within her a wonder, a fairytale- some of it revealed, some held back. She wasn’t at all times what she appeared to be. Not always that epitome of strength she was believed to be, was strong enough. Neither were the smiles always smiling. Like a rollercoaster, she had hurled herself to different directions, high and low, yet at all times, like the rollercoaster ride, it was joyous. She smiled all the more.




But, bless the Devil that lurked in the shadows. Well, can he tolerate smiles? No. Never.


Like the harrowing thunder that disrupts the tranquility of the night, there barged into her thoughts the echoes of his voice – the doctor’s voice, kind yet ruthless, “Actually, it’s too late, maybe a year more.”


And, probably that explained the silence of the usually chirpy birds.


To the World, With Love

Stranded in the middle of no where,
Yet, I could transcend everywhere.
Woes belittled the ever little soul,
Yet, I found a path to lead me back home.

The same old twisted tales,
The same old piercing nails;
My very own clouds followed by rainbows;
Deep in my sorrows drowned, meekly my poem flows.

Another futile promise not to care,
Another dwindling thought sways in the air.
Of bliss and of melancholy,
The stories you tell so artfully-
Giving me faith, rekindling my hope,
Resonating within me, you’re my abode.


A Blissful Cacophony

Heard it before,
Hearing it again;
Relishing its melody,
Enduring the pain.

Drifting away with its tune
Letting go of all control.
It keeps strangling my soul,
Yet, I remain quiet as a stone.

The ruthlessness, the stakes-
They make me stronger day by day.
The subtle rhythm controls my heartbeat,
Hurdling me forward lest I retreat.
Teaching me to move ahead slowly,
My master; it’s a blissful cacophony.


Echoes from a Labyrinth

This is mine
And that is yours.
She is his
And he is hers.
All the smiles
And all the tears,
Are now in the grips
Of an evil curse.


It’s your fault
So the blow is yours.
Your own dilemma
You got to cure.
You got to pick yourself up
Each time that you fall.
That friend, and this foe
Were never yours at all.


Strains of wrath,
Eyes of lust;
Love snatched,
And shattered trust-
The fools you’ll meet
While passing this labyrinth.
But, you better move on.
For this ain’t what you were born for.

Questioning Thy Self

ImageA storm
A hurricane
Bizarre is this world.
Do calm down for once.
Do pacify.
It wasn’t meant to be this way,
Was it?

Don’t thrust that boulder so hard.
What wrong have they done?
Isn’t there more to life
Than just that harsh clutch
Of struggle, hardship and betrayal?

Isn’t there’s more to it
Than meets the eye?
There lies a soul beneath.
Can’t let it die, can I?



The First Time

Angels at my doorstep
And music in my heart;
A sweet gaily smile
A feeling purely divine;

Forsaking the pains,
Shaking off the hurt;
Singing a joyous tune,
I’m off to start anew.

Now that the dried leaves
Have finally fallen to the ground,
I’ll brighten up the tree,
I won’t fear the eerie clouds above.
Won’t fear what’s written in the stars.
For once, I’ll make the ‘first time’ last.

A Hope Still Flickers

The smile hardly reached up to the eyes any more.

Numbness was all that the fingers bore.

The ceaseless stings of the night seemed to kill.

Tears mingled with the raindrops on the window sill.


All that goes around indeed comes around.

No one could ever fly leaving another on the ground.

If this was the long-awaited desire coming true,

Then what is it that snatched away the sky’s blue?


Though the tears keep blurring them away,

Yet the dreams once dreamt linger all day.

Hope the storms aren’t as harsh there as here.

Hold on to faith. No, do not fear.

Though as broken as broken can be,

A hope still flickers, a hope so sweet.

Anwesha Saha

3rd March 2012