It Escaped

It escaped into the cloudless night,

Into the virgin moonlight white,

It ran off to the stretching horizon,

To endear the setting sun.


It escaped into the sad tunes,

To cherish the melancholic hues,

It escaped from the brazen lies,

It escaped from superficial smiles.


All the fools who caused menace,

All who set things ablaze,

It bade them good bye on the face,

Left behind not a single trace.


Tired of being entangled,

Tired of things and people so bland,

It set itself free,

It weaved its own story.

It escaped, and let things be.

To the World, With Love

Stranded in the middle of no where,
Yet, I could transcend everywhere.
Woes belittled the ever little soul,
Yet, I found a path to lead me back home.

The same old twisted tales,
The same old piercing nails;
My very own clouds followed by rainbows;
Deep in my sorrows drowned, meekly my poem flows.

Another futile promise not to care,
Another dwindling thought sways in the air.
Of bliss and of melancholy,
The stories you tell so artfully-
Giving me faith, rekindling my hope,
Resonating within me, you’re my abode.


A Blissful Cacophony

Heard it before,
Hearing it again;
Relishing its melody,
Enduring the pain.

Drifting away with its tune
Letting go of all control.
It keeps strangling my soul,
Yet, I remain quiet as a stone.

The ruthlessness, the stakes-
They make me stronger day by day.
The subtle rhythm controls my heartbeat,
Hurdling me forward lest I retreat.
Teaching me to move ahead slowly,
My master; it’s a blissful cacophony.


Echoes from a Labyrinth

This is mine
And that is yours.
She is his
And he is hers.
All the smiles
And all the tears,
Are now in the grips
Of an evil curse.


It’s your fault
So the blow is yours.
Your own dilemma
You got to cure.
You got to pick yourself up
Each time that you fall.
That friend, and this foe
Were never yours at all.


Strains of wrath,
Eyes of lust;
Love snatched,
And shattered trust-
The fools you’ll meet
While passing this labyrinth.
But, you better move on.
For this ain’t what you were born for.

Your Doleful Symphony

Hold on, a miracle just passed by.
Oh! You let it go, I wonder why?
Were you lured into a dream?
Why didn’t you just let your heart scream?

You can’t just sit and stare.
Why don’t you set yourself a dare?
Why did you let yourself fall?
When it’s them who deserve to crawl?

Why did you submit in shame?
When they were the one’s to be blamed?
You can’t just remain shut
When you have every right to open up?

Alas, my dear! You’re getting choked
With all the words you never spoke.
Oh! How hard your eyes try
To hold back the tears you never cry.

This is not how you’re meant be.
There’s so much in you, you don’t see.
Go ahead, dear, play the joyful harmony
That lies unsung in your doleful symphony.