A Bit Beyond

As another year steps in, and once again we pretend to prepare ourselves for a ‘new beginning’, to revive ourselves, reform ourselves and accomplish all that we couldn’t, just because the earth has completed one revolution round the sun and will start another, I just want to share a thought, a message, maybe or rather something to ponder about and execute if at all it makes some impact.

All things on the surface,

All emotions on the outside,

All words just as traced,

All shown, nothing to hide-

Could that ever be?

Is that how it is?


All pain may not be pain indeed,

Maybe some unnamed joy underneath.

All joy may not be joy indeed,

Maybe some aching secret deep within.

Could that ever be?

Is that how it is?


Is life really not what it seems?

Is an illusion the food for our beliefs?

Failing forever to probe within,

Are we forever dangling with blind conceit?

Is there amongst all men, some other bond,

Which we’d probably find, if we looked a bit beyond?


The First Time

Angels at my doorstep
And music in my heart;
A sweet gaily smile
A feeling purely divine;

Forsaking the pains,
Shaking off the hurt;
Singing a joyous tune,
I’m off to start anew.

Now that the dried leaves
Have finally fallen to the ground,
I’ll brighten up the tree,
I won’t fear the eerie clouds above.
Won’t fear what’s written in the stars.
For once, I’ll make the ‘first time’ last.