IMG_20180622_211016_271I saw you in a quiet corner,
Away from the music, away from the laughter.
I walked up to you and asked
If it was Nietzsche on your mind,
For that’s the you I had known all along-
All nihilistic and dry.
But to my surprise, “A bit of Neruda,” was your reply.
I asked, “So, tonight you can write the saddest lines?
And I knew you could, when you looked away and smiled.
And there, away from the music, away from the laughter,
I found my repose, a calming shelter.
Let me have the burden of pretentious happiness off my shoulders,
I won’t let my reality lean on lies any longer.
Tonight I need no wisdom.
I need no reason for my being.
Let me just look into your eyes
And find a moment’s peace,
For, love, this world is a bit too loud for me.

Questioning Thy Self

ImageA storm
A hurricane
Bizarre is this world.
Do calm down for once.
Do pacify.
It wasn’t meant to be this way,
Was it?

Don’t thrust that boulder so hard.
What wrong have they done?
Isn’t there more to life
Than just that harsh clutch
Of struggle, hardship and betrayal?

Isn’t there’s more to it
Than meets the eye?
There lies a soul beneath.
Can’t let it die, can I?