Forbidden Expectations


And yet again, we expect what we shouldn’t,

Love whom we mustn’t,

Pray for the impossible,

And again, the broken laws are so palpable.


Hoping in the most hopeless moments,

Reminiscing the beginning even in the end,

Cherishing those incomplete memories,

We live on by ignoring so many vagaries.


All of it as futile as futile can be,

Yet there continues those euphoric dreams,

For they complete our beings,

They surpass our limitations,

And so, there lives forever the forbidden expectations.

The above sketch is by Anwesha Saha (owner of As The Ink Flows).


A Promise



Tearing away frantically

Back to the shore,

Left heartlessly in mid-sea

With no where to go,

A sea of myriad stories,

And of tears, and of fairies.


In this sea now I leave behind

The broken pieces of my heart,

And memories, with a ribbon tied;

I leave behind all that rendered me feeble,

Take back the ones which made me incredible.


Don’t ask me reasons why,

‘Cause for the one who can’t swim,

A slight slip in the grip

Can be harrowingly traumatic.


So, with a tiny life boat

Made of little joys, and hearts who know,

I’m trying to get back on my track,

With a promise to never come back.