She could’ve added melody to your discordant notes

And could’ve been the song that takes you home.

She could’ve been your certainty

When all else went astray,

Been the creased photograph

to fill your empty frame.

But so much has remained unsaid for so long-

Time sent a gust of wind,

Yet the flame of fondness was never doused.

Only your words have learned

to hold on effortlessly

To the corners of your mouth.




Questioning Thy Self

ImageA storm
A hurricane
Bizarre is this world.
Do calm down for once.
Do pacify.
It wasn’t meant to be this way,
Was it?

Don’t thrust that boulder so hard.
What wrong have they done?
Isn’t there more to life
Than just that harsh clutch
Of struggle, hardship and betrayal?

Isn’t there’s more to it
Than meets the eye?
There lies a soul beneath.
Can’t let it die, can I?